Looking for the best tools to tie it all together?

We’ve got you covered!

Hugo Shift

1. Seamlessly voice calls to more efficient channels.

2. Guide customers to self-service flows for more transactional calls.

Biggest impact: Increase NPS scores by 15%

Hugo OneVoice

  1. Ensure consistent brand voice as customer messages continue to grow.
  2. Drive Facebook and Instagram Ad conversion with fast, personalized responses.
  3. Increase agent productivity 3X.

Biggest impact: 70%+ reduction in response times

Hugo Trends

  1. Efficiently gather customer feedback in one place.
  2. Easily identify opportunities to drive sales or reduce returns.
  3. Quickly identify top customer issues and detractors.
  4. Export data to BI tools for advanced analysis and report.

Biggest impact: Increase website conversion by 10%