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Nourishing Wellness: How Hugo Helped Sakara Transform Health

Author: Andrea Okonkwo

Sakara Life is an organic meal delivery and wellness company with a mission to promote health and well-being. They provide organic meal delivery, snacks, and supplements as part of their unique proposition.

Sakara was founded on a simple idea: food is medicine. Through organic, plant-based meals and supplements, Sakara empowers people to live healthier, more vibrant lives.

However, delivering a first-class wellness experience takes more than premium products. Sakara needed customer service that nurtured their community with care and expertise, and they sought a partner who could uphold this pledge with every customer interaction.

The Hugo Approach: A Seamless Extension of Sakara’s Values

When Sakara partnered with Hugo, they were not just outsourcing customer service; they were extending their brand’s ethos. To deeply instill Sakara’s mission and strengthen brand alignment, Hugo developed an immersive onboarding curriculum focused on cultural values and service philosophy. Agents participated in interactive sessions on topics ranging from Sakara’s founding principles to their whole-life approach to wellness. This emphasis on cultural immersion was reflected in the exceptional warmth, care, and efficiency Hugo’s team brought to every customer interaction.

Holly Haynes, the Director of Customer Support at Sakara, had high praise for Hugo’s performance, noting the transformative impact of the partnership. “If alarms go off, Hugo will go above and beyond to offer assistance,” she notes.

It has been a team mentality working with Hugo. It does not feel like a Sakara team and then a Hugo team- we’re one cohesive team
Exceeding Service Level Agreements: The Pilot Phase

During the initial stage of the partnership, Hugo’s performance clearly demonstrated the ability to exceed the benchmarks set by Sakara’s rigorous service-level agreements (SLAs).

Key indicators showed:

  • Customer satisfaction scores averaged 95%, surpassing the 90% target
  • The one-touch resolution rate reached 83%, outperforming the 70% objective
  • A quality score of 99%, underscoring Hugo’s unwavering dedication to service quality
  • Productivity soared 25% above the target by the end of the pilot phase.

These performance indicators during the pilot phase were not only emblematic of Hugo’s adaptability and alignment with Sakara’s standards but also established a robust foundation for ongoing service excellence. They were a result of Hugo’s tailored process: a comprehensive brand analysis strategy designed to deeply understand and align with Sakara’s unique narrative and customer voice.

Sustained Excellence: Beyond the Pilot

The success Hugo achieved during the initial pilot was not a fluke. A track record of outstanding service in the months since is a testament to Hugo’s relentless pursuit of optimal support quality for Sakara’s customers.

Hugo has consistently maintained excellence while handling high contact volume:

  • 95% email customer satisfaction rate
  • 87% one-touch ticket resolution rate
  • 98% quality assurance score, and
  • 62,000+ email tickets closed since the partnership’s inception

Holly also cited improvements in response times and the strategic handling of refunds and crediting as key benefits of working with the Hugo team. Previously, Sakara paid out refunds in 75% of compensations, but with Hugo’s practical strategies, this has been reduced to 25%, optimizing costs without affecting customer satisfaction.

These issue-resolution capabilities can be attributed to Hugo’s comprehensive training program, arming customer service representatives with enhanced skills and the autonomy to make informed decisions, leading to more effective problem-solving on the front lines.

This is what drives Hugo’s sustained excellence: the implementation of training modules focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction, alongside the use of cutting-edge analytics to monitor and improve service delivery continuously.

Enhanced Team Synergy and Unexpected Perks

The synergy between Sakara and Hugo’s teams has been another highlight. Holly commended Hugo’s onboarding process and the proactive contributions of team members who have been “amazing to work with,” exemplifying confidence and competence.

Hugo’s onboarding approach stands out as a key differentiator. It is characterized by its seamless, self-directed training system that guarantees operational competence from the outset. After receiving foundational information on client operations, Hugo proactively assumes the responsibility for agent training and ongoing skill development, guaranteeing access to a well-informed team from the start.

The Hugo/ Sakara partnership has since evolved, transcending traditional support functions. Sakara has expanded its scope with Hugo to include back-office support where the coordination of delivery management services has enhanced operational synergy among key stakeholders.

Holly appreciates the “team mentality” at Hugo, remarking on their willingness to step in during critical situations, reinforcing that “we are one team working together to provide excellent support.”

A Partnership Defined by Excellence and Collaboration

Hugo’s support has allowed Sakara to concentrate on innovation and growth while they handle daily customer interactions with exceptional care. This partnership has not only met Sakara’s high standards for customer support but has set a new benchmark for excellence, underscoring the shared commitment to nourishing wellness and transformative health.