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Rewarding Renters: Hugo Helps Piñata Build Credit & Community

Author: Andrea Okonkwo

Piñata is a property management platform specializing in rent payment management. Its distinctive feature is a rewards and credit-building program for renters. Leveraging smart technology, Piñata bridges the gap between renters, landlords, and communities

Renting an apartment can be an isolating experience. You pay your monthly bill, and that’s the end of the relationship. However, envision something different–Piñata, a platform turning rent into an opportunity to earn rewards, improve credit, and cultivate community.

In the competitive landscape of property management, Piñata stands apart with a revolutionary vision: transforming the renting experience through rewards and community. Their software platform pioneers a new model, connecting renters, landlords, and neighbors via an innovative rewards program. To truly deliver on the vision and their promise to renters, Piñata needed a partner that could provide exceptional support with a nuanced human touch essential for building relationships.

“Delivering an outstanding renting experience requires next-level service with heart,” says Piñata’s VP of Customer Operations, Priya Thomas. “We chose Hugo because they lead with empathy in every support conversation.”

Delivering Service with Heart

The partnership between Hugo and Piñata has brought an unparalleled depth of support to Piñata’s community. Managing over 35,000 inquiries, Hugo’s team has consistently gone above and beyond routine issue resolution to deliver compassionate service.

This is reflected quantitatively in Hugo’s stellar performance across key indicators:

  • An average 98% quality score, including a current 6-week streak at 100%, across all agents – clear evidence of Hugo’s commitment to excellence.
  • A 94% customer satisfaction rate, highlighting the effectiveness of Hugo’s customer-centric approach. Surveys frequently cite the warmth and care of Hugo’s agents.
  • Average response times under 9 hours, despite high ticket volumes – a testament to Hugo’s responsiveness and constant availability.

Hugo’s engagement strategy centers on providing support that resonates on a personal level. It ensures renters receive attention that is not only prompt but also responsive to individual needs. This approach nurtured a support system where interactions were meaningful, enhancing the overall user experience on the Piñata platform.

Hugo also differentiates through proactive customer engagement. Thanks to a robust email outreach program targeting 1000+ users who have reported difficulty navigating the platform, the team is able to get ahead of renters’ questions and provide guidance on maximizing Piñata’s reward and credit-building programs. This outreach fosters an increasingly savvy, empowered user base who understand how to reap the full benefits of Piñata’s offerings.

I feel confident and secure in knowing that Hugo is our first line of support...

“With Hugo’s help, we’re building a rental experience that brings out the best in people. I can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together next,” says Matthew Bendurem, Piñata’s Customer Success Manager.

As Piñata grows, Hugo’s adaptable and empathetic support model is not just a value-add; it’s a critical pillar in building a community-centric rental ecosystem.

Scalable Support, Growing Community

“As we rapidly expand into new regions, being able to scale support has been critical,” explains Matthew. “Hugo has provided the flexible capacity to maintain our high service standards consistently. The team is able to pivot quickly to support our changing business needs.”

Hugo’s expertise in handling the intricate needs of Piñata’s customer base has cemented a strong partnership built to last. As Piñata has expanded into new regions, Hugo has proven adaptable, seamlessly scaling up teams to meet growing demand.

To accommodate upward swings in demand, Hugo maintains a minimum 10% buffer capacity, fully trained and ready to interact. This scalable support model ensures each new renter and landlord becomes part of the thriving Piñata community, receiving the same outstanding assistance even amid growth surges.

“During onboarding, every vendor promises rapid scaling capability. But few actually deliver when put to the test,” says Matthew. “Hugo has proven the exception – they’ve adapted support staffing to our needs in a matter of days, even when we gave little notice. They are by far our most flexible partner.”