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Hugo’s Onboarding Process Gets You The Right Outsourcing Team

Author: Sainna Christian

When looking to outsource capabilities like data annotation, customer support, cataloging products, or content moderation, having a dedicated team tailored to your needs is crucial for success. At Hugo, our onboarding process is designed to deeply understand your business and goals so we can build an optimized outsourcing team perfect for you.

Here is an inside look at how our onboarding survey and methodology results in your ideal outsourcing team:

Part 1: Understanding Your Business

The first section details your company’s background, goals, and key stakeholders. Questions include:

  • What does your company do? What are some critical facts about your business?
  • Are you an early-stage startup or an established enterprise? Public or privately held?
  • What are your long-term goals? Seeking funding, acquisition, staying private?
  • Who are the key team members we should interface with? CEO, Head of Product, Ops Leads, etc.

This helps Hugo align priorities and get the right people involved early for smooth onboarding. We learn about your culture and business lifecycle to design the optimal support approach.

Part 2: Determining the Right Services

Next, we explore the exact services you need to allow us to pinpoint specialists with relevant expertise. For example, agents experienced with Lidar, live chat support, or building brand pages for marketplaces. We work closely with you to ensure we get the skill sets and experience right.

Part 3: Defining Success Metrics

A core part of onboarding is aligning on how success will be measured. We dive into key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals you want to track like:

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • Response time
  • Query resolution rates

Understanding your metrics allows us to onboard agents already versed in achieving those KPIs. We also create sample reporting dashboards so you know what insights to expect.

Part 4: Customizing Training

We explore your preferences for staff training – do you want to handle it, co-manage it, or have Hugo take the lead? This ensures the onboarding curriculum and product/process knowledge transfer is tailored to your needs.

The End Result: Your Ideal Team

While there will always be refinements along the way, Hugo’s custom onboarding aims to provide an outsourcing team that:

  • Fits seamlessly into your organizational culture
  • Is professionally trained on your services, systems, and processes
  • Has the proven skills and experience to hit the ground running
  • Is focused solely on your business goals and metrics
  • Scales in synch with your evolving needs

By taking the time to deeply understand your needs upfront, our onboarding enables us to recruit and prepare specialized outsourcing teams that feel like natural extensions of your company. The end goal is to create better work faster.

If you’re looking for an outsourcing partner that prioritizes custom fit, contact Hugo today to schedule a free demo.