E-Commerce Support Solutions That Win

Hugo helps companies build flexible, successful support teams in West Africa.

We’re a full-service operations support company that fits the needs of any business—large and small.

Founded by a team of finance and operations professionals, our mission is to reduce unemployment in the region by connecting marginalized, degree-holding youth to digital work.

We are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and have operating centers in Lagos, Nairobi, and Dakar.

The land of opportunity

There’s more to West Africa than meets the eye. Thanks to its large, educated population, low cost of living, and favorable time zone, more and more companies are building support centers here—which means more talent with less overhead.

Manage great managers

Largest number of Western-educated, management-level professionals on the continent

Beat the

Overlap with your internal teams for at least 5 working hours

Scale as you grow

Youngest population in the world—our University of Lagos partnership provides a direct pipeline to 50,000+ students and alumni seeking employment

Hire talented grads

500,000+ native English-speaking university graduates enter the workforce annually

Not so hidden talent

Tired of overpaying for talent in traditional outsourcing markets? We were too. Wish you’d gotten in early and nabbed the top performers? We did too. So we searched high and low, and we’ve found just what you’re looking for.

Meet Uche

Native language: English

Accent: Slight British tilt

Education-level: Masters Degree

Dreams of visiting: New York and Paris

Time zone: GMT + 1 

Our CX Specialists are 100% warm in spirit, global in outlook

What we love

What we love: There are thousands of university-educated women like Uche that can’t find work locally. The young people of Nigeria make up more than half of the population—and we’re putting them on the map; the world’s new favorite support agents. We give them the tools they need to be experts in their fields—which is why we have extremely high standards for them.

What you may not know

Every Hugo employee undergoes a comprehensive cognitive and psychographic assessment before they’re hired. This is done to measure learning aptitude, assess comprehension skills, and ensure a high EQ during the recruiting process—so you can trust us when we say we’ve definitely got the right person for the job.

Oh, and yeah—they’re not terrible looking, either.

Quality at our core

We are entrepreneurs at heart, passionate about building world-class teams, one talented individual at a time. Meet our founding team:

Simone Bartlett
Co-CEO/ Global Delivery

Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Lola Eniolorunda
VP, Operations

Balaji Pady
VP, Service Delivery